About Cortines de la Llar

Sofá con selección de cojines de telas mallorquinas ikat colores

Cortines de la Llar is the name of our family home textile decoration company, founded in 2000.

From our store, located in the heart of Alcúdia (Mallorca), we help our customers to create a cozy and Mediterranean touch to their homes, through our selection of rustic styles, textile home accents, and locally produced handmade fabrics, which are the essential feature of our creations.

In Cortines de la Llar we know that every accessory and detail of your home speaks about yourself and what lifestyle you feel connected with. That’s why our select products embody our passion for Mallorca, our respect for the local craftsmanship and raw materials that are the basis of the products we make. And above all, we value handmade, unique and thoughtfully crafted things.

Our story

María Reus, the founder of Cortines de la Llar, broke into the world of textiles almost 50 years ago. After finishing her training in sewing and garments, she raised her family while starting to plant the seeds of her future sewing company. She began helping her neighbors, sewing for them. Her ability to understand the needs and skills behind each sewing project landed her in her own textile decor business project, where eventually she would sell her own unique creations.

Since the year 2000, Maria serves her customers in Cortines de la Llar store in Alcúdia, offering a wide range of local and international branded home textile products. She also sells her own one-of-a-kind textile creations, carefully handcrafted with artisanal and unique materials.

Fachada de la tienda física Cortines de la Llar en Alcudia

Store in Alcúdia

Cortines de la Llar has a store located in the old town of Alcúdia (Mallorca). This is a house full of history and showcases the typical Mallorcan floor plan and architectural details. You will find a range of decorative products and home textiles, and we will personally help you with your special project. Would you like to visit us?

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